Your Recipe for Success

Nick Bladen – Part 6 – Bass Strait Kayaking Voyage

In this article, Nick gives his thoughts on the definition of failure and success. It is interesting the way he looks at his initial “failure” and how that catapulted him onto his successful journey. In our own lives during our own “journeys”, how many of us, just give up, not learn from those experiences, and therefore not reach a successful outcome? I loved Nick’s approach to failure, and his definitions, as I am sure you will also. Enjoy Read More

Nick Bladen – Part 5 – Bass Strait Kayaking Voyage

Following are some of the obstacles Nick came up against during his voyage. How many of you would have continued in this amazing journey? Read More

Nick Bladen – Part 4 – Bass Strait Kayaking Voyage

It is inspiring for me to read about such an amazing human-being with such a love and passion for what he does in his life. Nick believes that we are navigating the adventerous journey of life, none of which will ever be the same. He believes we need to realise and take command as Captains of our own destiny, have faith in our own abilities and take action on that which is deeply important to us.

The information below will give all of us an insight into this amazing kayaking journey – enjoy. Read More