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Nick Bladen – Part 9 – The Over & Out Of It!

This is the final installment of Nick’s journey across the Bass Strait. Every time I have read this story, it inspires me a little bit more. Not to cross the Bass Strait in a kayak, but to live my journey in this life with passion, and fortitude. Enjoy Nick’s wise words. Read More

Nick Bladen – Part 8 – The Lessons Continue

Lesson 2 – It is easier to apologise than it is to ask permission

I say this reservedly, but we found the more we tried to do the “right thing” by people, friends, officials etc, the more walls we faced. When alerting authorities of our intentions, when speaking with the National Parks authority, when consulting people, we were not only denied access, denied permission and not given alternatives, we were outright shutdown. Consequently, I believe that whilst it is important to do the right thing, sometimes political red tape makes it practically impossible, and one must use their intuition and judgment when deciding what actions will be fair and reasonable, and what would be divulging too much. One is free from moral judgment so long as the actions are for the greater good of the greater people, and no-one is put in danger or harms way. At risk of being too liberal, I will say no more on this subject. Read More