Nick Bladen – Part 9 – The Over & Out Of It!

This is the final installment of Nick’s journey across the Bass Strait. Every time I have read this story, it inspires me a little bit more. Not to cross the Bass Strait in a kayak, but to live my journey in this life with passion, and fortitude. Enjoy Nick’s wise words.

So, we set out with a game plan and had clear intentions but as we progressed that game plan changed, our intentions and priorities changed, and consequently our mind set had to change as well. In our first attempt, this did not happen. We were continually at the mercy of our conditions, reacting to the events inflicted upon us instead of responding, and we were under prepared physically, mentally and resourcefully (although we thought we were very prepared!)

Not getting across the Bass Strait the first time was very disappointing, and initially I took this personally as a failure (and boy-o-boy, don’t people love to tell you about it! They highlight it and stress it regularly). Sadly for some people, it’s often a way of pushing you down so that they may then feel elevated. I then realised that what happened was all out of my control. we were at the hands of something we couldn’t control…..nature.

I am sure you have all experienced this at some point, but don’t give up. Do you shrink to others claims and believe their negative and self-defeating statements in a world which promotes mediocrity? Or do you rise to the test of passion, the test of true want and absorb the lessons and go back for another go? When at first you don’t succeed, you must  learn the lessons, then get resourceful, get equipped, and stand against adversity, persist with resolve, and never, never give up.

Do you shrink to what you have instead of stretching to what you want? Do you shrink to what you know you can do, or do you stretch for the things you really want to do? Do you shrink to other people’s expectations of you, or do you stretch the expectations you have of yourself? Not getting what you want is hard, but not going back and trying till you get it is even harder and something that may bother you subconsciously for the rest of your life.

When bad things happen or things don’t go as planned, there is always some kind of lesson in there – either you uncover that lesson or you don’t. It is as simple as that. As you go about your goals, dreams or even actions at work, remember that no one achievement represents an end in, and of itself. Often it is only the start! Whatever it is you are chasing – it could be a better job, it could be to lose weight, it could be to spend more time with your partner, it could be to give up smoking, or finish a course. Whatever it is – make sure you capitalise on every opportunity. Commit and be resilient. Accept 100% responsibility for your current position, and start now. There is never a perfect time!

To some, I am a banker and an engineer. To others I am an ocean kayaker or extreme sports person. But to most, I was and still am a boyfriend, a son, a friend or a work colleague doing something that inspires the very essence of my being. That is…….to experience. If we all have something in common, it is that we are all navigating the extreme adventure of life. We will all have the same outcome to our lives – death, but the steps in between our birth and death are unpredictable.

Embrace those steps, be responsive, seize opportunities, and if there is something you want, then go at it with absolute will, intestinal fortitude, and an unrelenting resilience until you get it. What inspires you right now? Whatever it is, follow it. There is more to life than work. Start fulfilling your life! No-one else will do it for you!

What can I add to this amazing man’s wisdom and amazing insight? As I have said previously, Nick is some-one that inspires simply by his presence, and I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to not only hear him speak, and spend a short time with him, but also that he allowed me to share this part of his life’s story with you all. Thank you Nick for this privilege. We would love to hear about your further adventures as you continue to go through your journey. Your insight to life and your thoughts have been gratefully accepted by myself, my family and also my Mind Recipes readers.  You really have bought about a change and have motivated us all!

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10 Responses to Nick Bladen – Part 9 – The Over & Out Of It!

  1. Nick Bladen says:

    Brenda – the infectious and uplifting Brenda!

    You have such a beautiful way with words. Thank you, thank you so very much for sharing this little part of my life with your readers. You have presented it in a way that has given me new perspective on my own story.

    What I have shared with you has been a part of my journey, yet we all have our own paths to tread, and as we stride forward in pursuit of what ever it is we desire, may it be fuelled by one thing, and one thing only……PASSION!

    We all have something that we are passionate about, and whilst we as individuals may not be able to describe what that passion looks like, I guarantee you, we all know what passion feels like – and there is no feeling as fulfilling as the feeling of being inspired, and guess what,when we live an inspired life, inevitably, we inspire those around us to do the same.

    I once heard the lyrics, “time waits for no one, so don’t wait for time”. These words ring loud whenever the shackles of procrastination flirt with my mind. May I remind you as you read this final paragraph, that the how does not matter anywhere near as much as the why. Let that why be your compass and with some humble courage, take a big breath, commit, and take that first step in faith – the rest will unfold as it should! Believe me, it just will.

    Brenda, sometimes there are no words and all one can do is smile and say thank you. It is because of the fortune I have in the people like you that I am so fortunate enough to meet, that I have been delighted to share my story – we all have a story, this has just been a part of mine. Thank you!

    Live with Passion!


  2. Brenda says:

    Thank you for your kind words Nick. It is easy to have a way with words when you are writing about some-one who inspires you so much. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.
    There are times in everyone’s life when you do need to be reminded that time waits for no-one, so thank you for doing just that.
    I invite people to join me in thanking Nick for his inspiration through this forum. I know that many people have read Nick’s articles, and I’d love you to share your thoughts.

  3. Pete says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. It was good to read.

  4. Carla says:

    I agree. Thanks Nick. Your story really inspired me

  5. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with us. It was good to read.

  6. Kasha says:

    This is a superb post and will be followed up.

    A companion sent this link the other day. Keep up the exceptional work.

  7. Sam says:

    I constantly spent time reading and re-reading your articles everyday along with a cup of coffee. Pick up new things everyday

  8. Preisley says:

    Looking forward to reading so much more from you. I have just gone through all your articles. Thanks.|

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