The Game of Life

Life is easy when you have been dealt a good card in life. Things fall easily into place, and you can bask in your good fortune. Or is it? How do you react when the cards you are dealt with are not so good?

“The Game of Life is Not so Much Holding a Good Hand as Playing a Poor Hand Well” – HT Leslie

The way you play your hand of life  truly separates the winners from the rest of the pack. A successful person can take whatever hand is dealt to them, and play those cards equally as well as a good hand. It may not be what they want, but they don’t quit. They don’t complain. They have an understanding that in life, sometimes things don’t always go as you want, and you are dealt a hand you would rather not have.

All of us have been dealt a bad hand sometimes in our life. The trick is to work out how to play whatever hand is dealt to maximize results. Work out right now how you can work with the hand you have been given.

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