Don’t Put Up With Someday Disease

“Someday I will go back to College and further my education” “Someday I will get out of this job that I really don’t like and have my own business” Someday, I will start to go for a walk in the mornings” Someday, but not right now….the timing isn’t right, the children are too young, my finances won’t stretch that far…….someday, someday……NEVER!

How many times have you seen an opportunity and let it float right by without even putting up a fight. That opportunity could have been a chance to learn something new, meet new people or improve yourself in some way.

And then afterward you kick yourself and live with regrets telling everyone “What could have been”? Then you think about the 47 things you could have done instead to make the outcome different.

Then, a similar circumstance occurs, and  what happens?  You do the same thing and the cycle continues again and again and again.

If you are waiting for the “right time” before you make changes….I have a newsflash for you. There is never a right time for anything….all you need to do is make the time right.

You learn as you go, you make any necessary adjustments, you plan, you act, you grow.

For those worried about things going wrong “Don’t worry that you’ll take a shot and you’ll miss. The fact is, you’ll miss every shot you don’t take”. author unknown

Don’t put up with “Someday Disease”.  Someday I’ll do this or someday I’ll do that. This will make sure your dreams go to the grave with you.

Don’t stew on past mistakes, learn from them and adjust your actions when a similar situation arises again.

If you ever wanted to know the secret to success in any area of your life, this is it!

Get back up one more time then you fall down and you are a success:

Not someday……but NOW

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21 Responses to Don’t Put Up With Someday Disease

  1. Sue Mitchell says:

    I love how you’ve dubbed this “Someday Disease.” 🙂

    There have been times when I’ve had Someday Disease and it was because I didn’t really want it that much. It was a nice idea, but I wasn’t really interested in doing what it took to achieve it. Once I realized that, I could let it go so it would stop feeling like a “should” hanging over me.

    With the things that I really did want and couldn’t let go of, I’ve found that just taking very small steps in that direction set in motion all kinds of momentum and synchronicity that eventually pulled me along without much effort. It’s those first small steps that are the hardest.

  2. Sire says:

    Nicely done Brenda and so true for a lot of people. I reckon that I’ve had a bit of that some day disease on odd occasions, but I try not to dwell too much on the past.

    You could almost say that the ‘someday disease’ is related to the ‘if only disease’. I’ve suffered that a whole lot more that the former.

  3. Tricia Karp says:

    Brenda, this post made me think of a few friends who want to have a baby and are coming up with all sorts of reasons why it’s not the right time. And it never is!

    I like what you say: Make the time right! It’s an attitude to life, really. Just do it!

    And as an astrologer, I also know some times are more right than others… just me playing Devil’s Advocate 🙂


    • Nothing wrong with playing Devil’s Advocate Tricia……the difficulty is in knowing when that time is right 🙂

      Given you are an astrologer, you may have a better insight than many of us…..and I agree with your comment…Just do It.

      Interestingly enough I had a similar conversation with a colleague last week about the best time to have a baby……and my words to him were exactly yours…There never is a “right time”…you just make it right.

      Thanks for your comments

  4. Val Wilcox says:

    Hey Brenda,
    Great post outlining how sitting with “someday” is not serving you in moving forward in your life. Taking action is what will get you going. Even if it’s not perfect action, at least it action of some sort & adjustments can be made along the way. Take your “somedays” and turn them into NOW!!!

    Val 🙂

  5. Hey Brenda,

    So true isn’t it? Life is so short but it’s hard to ‘get’ this in your twenties but as you get older you really do ‘get’ it (hopefully some people do :)). There may never be a tomorrow and you don’t have all the time in the world to do what you want. As you said, not someday, tomorrow, but why not now?

    Thank you for sharing!

    Janette Stoll

  6. Lance says:

    I love this message you’ve shared here! It’s one I fully believe in, and still….there are times this is a challenge too – a challenge to really get beyond this “someday syndrome”.

    So, this is a message I just believe we can never hear too often. Thank you for sharing this, and for reaching into my soul…with your words…

    Today, I choose to move toward that which my heart desires….

    • Brenda says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lance.

      I agree – we are human, and can be faced with challenges to live our life the way we “feel we should”.

      However these emotions and challenges that strike all of us at times, provide us with new ways of looking at our world – it really is a choice each of us make every day.

  7. Someday never comes. It’s like saying you’ll do it tomorrow. I have put off many things in life only to realize later how ridiculous it was. Several years ago, I made the decision to live an inspired life. Today, I have no regrets. If it’s something I want to do, I go for it, think about it later! LOL

    • Brenda says:

      That’s also the way I started out in my self development journey Martha. After a life changing event, I made a decision to live my life differently.

      Everyday decisions make up your entire life…choose wisely 🙂

  8. Minnie says:

    Time spent reading your article is time well spent. Loved your ideas

  9. Angustia says:

    Someday disease – I think we all have been guilty of this…getting better though. I don’t procrastinate nearly as much as I used to

  10. Rumer says:

    Wow – Great article. Keep up the fantastic work

  11. Sheryl says:

    Nicely put – yes I do suffer from “someday disease” – and suffer is the right word. I know what needs to be done – just need a kick start. Think I might have just received it _Thank you

  12. Winfred says:

    Many thanks from Germany!

  13. Jamie says:

    Very good blog – especially like this post

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