Finding Answers Through Meditation

When going through your daily lives, how many of us are truly aware what we are doing? Many people are robotic in their existence – following the same routine, eating the same foods, watching the same television programs – living the life of safety rather than doing what they love.

“The first step in growth is to do what we love to do and to become aware of doing it”   Sujata

The question then becomes – What if I don’t know what I love? This is such a common question and many do not know the answer.

To help find your answer, quiet contemplation and meditation can help you with your discovery. In Reflective meditation, you can select a question to focus on prior to commencing your meditation. You will find that your thoughts become less constrictive, and you may develop a great insight and even a conclusion to your question. A simple meditation once a day can unlock the answers to many of your long unanswered questions.

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7 Responses to Finding Answers Through Meditation

  1. Fredrick says:

    great thoughts on this subject. I am just starting to research this and came across your site. Thanks for a great beginning

  2. Alva says:

    You should write an e-book about some of the posts you have here. Love your style and always wait eagerly for your next post – especially love information about meditation. Thank you

  3. Carol says:

    Meditation rocks 🙂

  4. Mora says:

    Meditating changed my life

  5. Nazram says:

    I have found my answers through prayer and meditation

  6. Nola says:

    I benefit from looking through your website. With thanks!

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