What Does It Take To Be Inspirational?

What does it take to be an inspirational person? Is it someone who has lived through adversity and then come through their life with an amazing accomplishment? Is it someone who has had tragic circumstances rob them of a “normal” childhood? Or is it just someone who stands up more times than they have fallen down?

We can all be inspirational, not only to others, but more importantly to ourselves. Being inspirational is not doing the extraordinary things once in a while, but it is the activities, the words spoken, the actions taken on a day-to-day basis which is inspiring.

What does it take to be inspirational to yourself and others? It is quite easy to look at our “heroes” and adore them from afar for things they have achieved, whether that is on the sporting field, academically, spiritually or financially. What we don’t see or think about are the hardships and the toils, the decisions and the hardships along their way.

The same feelings we feel, the same doubts we have, the same roadblocks that we see, the inner voices we hear are there for everyone. The words, the sounds, the feelings are still there, but it is what we decide to do with them that matter. It is a decision we must all make. Do we give up and accept our life as it is, or do we get up and keep trying?

Hamilton Wright Mabie is quoted as saying “The question for each man to settle is not what he would do if he had means, time, influence and educational advantages; the question is what he will do with the things he has. The moment a person ceases to dream or to bemoan his lack of opportunities and resolutely looks his conditions in the face, and resolves to change them, he lays the corner-stone of a solid and honorable success”.

How do you start to be inspirational to yourself when you have never looked upon yourself in that way? What are some simple steps to start seeing yourself differently? Stand tall. Smile. Take on tasks energetically, look at what you are able to do with your life and circumstances rather than bemoaning your current circumstances, and most importantly take action.

Take responsibility for your own life. Rather than acting like every bad thing that has happened in your life is because of the actions or behaviors of others, step up and take ownership for the decisions and reactions you have taken. Have the courage to take on new and different actions, make new decisions, and walk a different path.

This is what it takes to be inspirational. The courage and bravery to get up one more time, to try something you have been previously fearful to undertake. It matters not whether you succeed the first time, or the 1000th time or not at all. What matters is the genuine attempt and perseverance to succeed and the manner you live your live. This is what inspiration is all about. Something we can all aspire to and become.

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10 Responses to What Does It Take To Be Inspirational?

  1. Natasha says:

    Loved this post. It made me realize I can be the inspiration I have been searching for. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Brenda,

    I really enjoyed this post. That’s a great point that you don’t have to overcome cancer or climb Everest to be an inspiration.

    I’m inspired by people who can help me solve problems in a new way. That’s why kids can even be so inspiring. They encourage me to be a better person. To think about the things that really matter in life and to enjoy the time we are given.

    Thanks for the great reminders.


    • Brenda Freeman says:

      Thank you for your comment Bryce.

      Like you I am often inspired by the little things in my life that I previously overlooked and yes, children can be a fantastic motivation and inspiration.

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks! Time for me to be inspirational

  4. Col says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Just what I needed right now

  5. Ellena says:

    What can I say….other than inspirational 🙂

  6. Bob says:

    What does it take for me to be inspirational? My self belief and knowing I am doing what’s right for me and others close to me

  7. Albert says:

    From personal experience this helps.

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