Am I An Energy Vampire?

My last post about Energy Vampires created quite a stir, and the main question being asked was “How can I tell if I am the Energy Vampire? Most Energy Vampires are actually unaware that they drain the energy from others, so whilst reading this post, be honest with yourself, for your sake as well as those people around you.

Recognizing the Energy Vampire Within

There are a number of characteristics common with Energy Vampires. As you are reading this list, see if you recognize any of these characteristics within yourself?

  1. An Energy Vampire is extremely opinionated and doesn’t have a problem telling people what they think. They seldom have anything good to say to you or about anything in their lives. Their favorite topic of conversation is themselves, and they very rarely ask questions to the person they are speaking at.
  2. There are always dramas in an Energy Vampire’s life. When they are speaking to their friends or colleagues, they are always sharing every grievance in their lives, no matter how trivial.
  3. Energy Vampires complain endlessly about problems in their lives, but rarely, if ever, take steps to improve their situations. The same issues are discussed week in, week out. Do you find that nearly all of your interactions with people are complaints about your job, your boss, your partners, your neighbors, the numerous illnesses or ailments you have or anything else that you constantly complain about? If so, take a breathe and congratulate yourself – recognition that you may be an Energy Vampire is the first step to change.
  4. Pity Parties are the weekly entertainment – you want people’s sympathy, but will not take their advise on how to fix the problem. Solutions are really not what you are looking for – you want people to feel sorry for you. If you hear a story about someone else’s misfortune – do you have a bigger and better story about how you were worse off? Do you even let them finish their story before you jump in with “You think that’s bad, wait till you hear what happened to me!”
  5. Guilt and a sense of entitlement that you are owed something is very common amongst family members. Have you heard yourself say “After all I’ve done for you, you at least owe me this”?
  6. Energy Vampires constantly look at the negatives in any situation. Other people can see the potential, but Energy Vampires only see the problems.
  7. Responsibility for the Energy Vampires life is always blamed on something or someone else – their parents, their partner, their siblings, their children, their government, their school, their teachers – anyone but themselves.
  8. Constant reassurance of their abilities and personality is required from as many people as possible. Energy Vampires need reassurance that they are right about their thoughts of life, and will keep  talking until they get the replies they want. They are usually dependent on approval from others.
  9. Energy Vampires are usually unaware of the effect they have on others. They miss the signs that people are either uncomfortable, bored or trying to shift the conversations away from the Energy Vampires topics. However, the Energy Vampires constantly return to their preferred subject – themselves.

Having read through this post, there will be people having a sense of recognition, and there will be those who fail to realize this article may be describing what other people see in them on a constant basis.

It can be a difficult thing to take responsibility for the way we live our lives, but once you take this responsibility and actually make the changes required, your life and those around you will be enhanced. Once you recognize that you have become, or are becoming an Energy Vampire, there are ways to change. This will be the follow up post next week.

Please share your stories and thoughts on this topic. It is a common situation, and by sharing, others will benefit from your experiences.

If you would like to know how to deal with Energy Vampires, please go to Energy Vampires

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