What Creates or Destroys Happiness?

 We each have events happening in our lives which are tragic to us – sadness and pain cannot be compared with others – it isThe happiness of most people is not ruined by great catastrophes how we feel. On a day to day basis though, it may not be those catastrophic events which have the greatest impact on our lives, but those small, seemingly insignificant thoughts and actions we take which create the way our lives turn out. What are your thoughts? Mind Recipes

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5 Responses to What Creates or Destroys Happiness?

  1. Hi Brenda,
    I think that’s true.. repeating negative thoughts in spite of the challenges. The challenge will pass, but the thoughts remain. If you get a grip on the thoughts, break the “train” ride, change will happen . Nice to meet you!

  2. rayleigh says:

    hello I love your posts

  3. Grant says:

    Such an important question. Love your response
    Smiles, Grant

  4. Ruby says:

    Thanks Have a nice afternoon!

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