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Mind Recipes…………..What does this name mean to you? For me,  just like in cooking, I add different ingredients to my self development journey.  Are you a person who serves up the same recipes everyday in your life, and wonder why things don’t change? Or, are you like me, and use many different Recipes for Your Mind?

Wait….what does cooking and self development have in common?  Well, I believe that there are times in life, that you will want  to taste the dish along the way. Sometimes you need to add a little bit more sugar, or a little bit more salt, depending on the outcome you are trying to achieve. There are times I scan my recipe books for that different dish, sometimes I use the tried and true recipes that were passed down to me from my Mother. It can also depend who I am cooking for – is it just for me or do I have the family to consider?

This is the basis for this site. There are many recipes from all over the world that I can try. Some are suitable for me, some are not, but I have the choice. It is exactly the same in life.

I have made many mistakes along the way, but over the past few years, I have looked at these “mistakes” as an opportunity to learn, and discover new ways of living and achieving. Some of my recipes just didn’t work out at all, but I learned from those disasters.  Other recipes were fantastic, I wanted to  experience them over and over again. The story behind the name is that I choose to believe I have an option of what I put into my life, how much I will add, will it be spicy, savory or sweet – it is my choice what to cook, and decide what flavors I will add. You also have this amazing choice. Will you keep using the same old recipes of your life or will you decide to try a new dish altogether?

…… The power of choice – what a great power to have, a power we all possess. If you are not happy with your life as it is presently, make the changes NOW. It doesn’t matter at first if you are not sure the exact steps to take. The important thing is that you begin to look at your present life, and decide you will make changes. This is what we will be discussing as we move along in your journey.

Before you tell me that I have no idea what your life is like, and I possibly could not understand what they are going through, let me agree with you right now. I DO NOT know what you are going through. The important thing is you know what you have gone through, and want to make some changes. This blog is about my thoughts on life, and the changes we can all make, to make a difference in each and every one of our lives.  It may not be the large “Ahh-Haa” moment that we hear about constantly, but recognizing where you are in this moment, and being honest with yourself, (that’s a big step) , and moving towards where you want to go. I encourage all my readers to make comments on any of my articles.

Open discussion can bring about change. Simply writing down your thoughts on a topic can bring the issues to your conscious rather than leaving those thoughts buried in your subconscious.  Those thoughts are there whether you recognize them or not. The way to tell is by looking at your results in life. I am not only talking about your financial situation, but look at your relationships (both intimate and personal) and health. If your life isn’t ideal, do you believe you deserve better?  Of course, I can hear you say. I really do want to be healthier, happier and wealthier. Who wouldn’t?  However, many of us are not aware that we do things on a daily basis that prevent us from gaining what we want.
I am not saying that life will be without issues once you make the decision to make some changes. I know in my own life, understanding what was going on around me, and more importantly what was going on inside me was an amazing discovery. For many years I had reacted to external events, and pushed against things I didn’t want. It took me a long time to realize that this pushing was in fact, attracting more of the same issues towards me. I saw it over and over again within my own life and those around me. How many people do you know that after a failed relationship, go onto a new relationship and have the same issues and problems with the new partner?  Or it may be a work problem. You leave a job because of problems, and guess what, the same things occur in the new job.

The only consistent is you. The great thing about this is that YOU can do something about it. Welcome to your journey. Please feel free to make any comments about the articles on this site,  and most importantly, enjoy your Recipe for Success.


BeachI am sitting on the beach, pen on the ready and blank pages in front of me.

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Happiness After Loss Summit

Happiness after loss summit

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Understanding Love Languages

Love Language. What is it and what does it mean to you? Having been married for coming up to 30 years, you would think that my husband and I would have a good understanding of what was important to each other, and we do, even though it was a bit by accident.  So, what is a Love Language, and how does it work?

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How Do I Keep Going?

How Do I Keep Going?

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