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What does The Law of Attraction Mean to You?

What Does The Law of Attraction Mean?

“Law of Attraction” What do these words mean to you?

The Secret? Vibration? Magnetism? Thinking about what you want and leaving it to the Universe to deliver? Over-commercialized hype? I have heard it all – people believing that this is all there is to manifesting and those who believe that it is rubbish. Where do you sit on this topic? Read More

What Can We Learn From Our Children?

What Can We Learn From Our Children?

“Adults are always asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up because they’re looking for ideas” Paula Poundstone

Children have such wisdom. They see life in an uncomplicated manner, and ask the age old question “Why?” They don’t look for the reasons or excuses why they can’t do something – they are always searching for new and innovative ways to play, to learn and to grow. Read More

How Do I Make Changes To My Life?

How Do I Make Changes To My Life?

Let me ask you a question. How many people could tie their shoelaces the first time they tried? I can remember when I first taught my children how to tie their shoes – it was around the time they started school. The look of concentration on their faces, as they remembered the way to get those loops in the right way. But once they truly got it, instead of concentrating as they tied their shoes, they could talk, laugh, read, any number of things at the same time. Does anyone remember a similar learning in their own lives? Read More

What Other People Think of Me is None of My Business

women said, woman listening to gossip

Many people have told me over the course of my life that ““What other people think about you is none of your business.” Early in my life, and even in recent times, I had striven to be liked, to not upset people, to keep the peace, but I found all I managed to do was put myself in a twist trying to please everyone in all things. Read More

Sometimes It Is Not Easy To Be Positive

Sometimes It Is Not Easy Being Positive

One of my friends, some-one usually very upbeat and happy, said to me the other day “It’s not always easy to be positive”. This was from someone who lights up the room when she enters, is the life of the party and is always there to lend a hand to someone in need.

Read More

Learn to Appreciate What You Have in Your Life

Learn To Appreciate What You Have In Life

A lot of people, myself included have been guilty of taking things for granted at times. No matter what you do, who you meet or what you get, there is always something more! Read More

Don’t Put Up With Someday Disease

Don't Put Up With Someday Disease

“Someday I will go back to College and further my education” “Someday I will get out of this job that I really don’t like and have my own business” Someday, I will start to go for a walk in the mornings” Someday, but not right now….the timing isn’t right, the children are too young, my finances won’t stretch that far…….someday, someday……NEVER! Read More

Are You Thinking Your Way To Change?

Are You Thinking Your way To Change?

How many of us dread the alarm ringing early on Monday morning? That feeling of dread as you slowly open your eyes and realize it is the start of a new week? You begin to think of the numerous calls you need to make, the tower of paperwork in your in-tray, having to deal with your critical boss for another week or being at home alone with the children doing the mountain of washing that has built up. Read More